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This is not a page dedicated to reviews written for me. This is my dedication page to fellow writers.

Remember, honesty isn't always nice. And any review is better than no review. 

You can also visit my Goodreads page for the whole list.

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Assaph Mehr

"Canicula, please."



Assaph Mehr is a master at his craft. I felt like I was walking down the streets of Egretia with Felix the Fox. There is an authentic feel to his world.


This is NOT a half-baked fantasy that was fueled by wikipedia. This is a skillful blend of history and imagination that made for a compelling read. 


Amazing job!

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Jon V. Kofas

"Red looks at Roy with compassion. Instantly, her nose bleeds."

Well, this dystopian story is frightening. 

In short, affection makes people feel ill. They have to modify their behavior in order to stay alive. Devices and technology replace relationships. 

This is an unsettling thought. I’m gonna go turn off my wifi now!

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Matthew Tessnear

“…strive to better understand your own mind, and select a career that will pair well with your unique life challenges.” 

When it comes to mental health, I appreciate honesty. The truth isn’t always pretty, but it holds more value than placating platitudes. 

This book is real. You’ll gain insight. You’ll grow. 

Happy reading~

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Robert Duke

Shatterbug reads like a fast-paced graphic novel. I even envisioned brightly illustrated comic panels while reading it. 


The action starts early and never slows down for our hero. 


I am in no way a sci-fi buff, nor do I care about magical realism. So, whenever the story would veer towards time-travel and paradoxes, I would silently whisper, ‘because science’ and then happily follow Marco Nieve on his adventures. So many adventures. 


This is a book that I would recommend to those who prefer graphic novels, but are interested in delving into longer prose. 


Happy reading.

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Joe Vallen

“In short— I’ve ripped shit up.”

Okay, this is a fun/crazy whirlwind of a story. If you don’t like ridiculousness and pride yourself on your maturity— go read the dictionary. 

I enjoyed the Forward of the story the most. That’s not saying the rest of the story doesn’t have an amazing voice. It does. It’s what really entertained me. 

That and the accurate portrayal of not giving too much of a shit what the characters are named. (Killtits, KT, Katie, Kathrynne) What’s in a name? 

Read this and have a laugh. People take themselves too seriously nowadays and should really stop.

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Mark Hurst

Love the Book Cover!

The Nasties is a great thriller. The concept of the book is simple yet perfect. Since we are mostly following the narrative of a 10-year-old, the vague history of the nasties is unnerving instead of disappointing. Remember, sometimes less IS more.

There are things that go bump in the night, some people can even see them. 

Those poor souls.

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MJ Miller

​​"You can't just write someone out of your life."

The dialogue is so well done in this book. I can’t stress this enough. It is one of the hardest aspects of writing. So when I see it done well, I want to jump up and scream praises! Amazing job~!

The flow was also on point. The plot never languished or leapfrogged ahead. Smooth all the way through. 

I had a great time with this story. Relatable and honest characters, so refreshing~

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J.R. Schuyler

​​"You can use magic?"
"That's literally what I just said."

Okay, this story has so much going for it. The ideas and major plot points are there. Seriously, it’s great.

My struggles were with the pace. I felt like this was three books steamrolled into one. I wanted the story to be flesh out so it could evolve into a more immersive whole. 

But hey, if you like fast-paced fantasies, then pick this up. You’ll like it!

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Patrick D. Kaiser

Verse novels; fun!


I’m a huge admirer of any writing that has cadence. The writing flows, and I was happy to go along with it. 


You had me at: 


Thinking about it, mind racing

I don’t even hear them pacing

Their shovels down

Breaking ground

I quickly turn, my voice responds

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”


It’s an intriguing world that has been offered. I would have loved more detail into the Kings and their districts; responsibilities and dealings; individual ideologies. 


I do want more!

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John Vallis

"For once grey seemed a better choice."

Everyday life can get a tad dull. This book brightens your day. It’s that simple. 

Cot and Cole are my favorite characters. They both know pain and yet, they each wear it differently.

It was a joy to spend time in John Vallis’ world. I look forward to returning for book 2!

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Karl M. Dreyer Jr.

"I had to try."

It’s a fast-paced sci-fi adventure! Resolute Joe and maverick Zaalia are kicking the snot out of the Dominare society. There’s something for everyone in these pages. My favorite being the character arcs! 

I would have liked the pace to slow down at some points in the journey. That’s only because I enjoy it when the characters toil and agonize with the weight of their decisions! 

Still, have fun with this adventure. And enjoy meeting Aslan! 

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Ira Campbell

"I . . . let . . . go."

This has been one of my favorite stories to read. It is well written and awash with historical information that adds to relatable characters. 

Seriously, so well done. I’m so glad that I stumbled upon the author’s post about it on Twitter. A wonderful find! 

Knees is my all-time favorite character

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